• Caring Above and Beyond by Land

Transportation with a personal touch - we'll take care of you

That sign with your name on it, held by a smiling transfer driver, is one of travel’s most reassuring sights, especially after a long trip to a foreign land.

Well, we do that for you for sure.  We know the appropriate transportation company, schedule your pick-up and drop-off, keep them informed if you are late or cancelled and everything in between.

And as we’ve grown, so have the transportation routes to our boutique Paradise.

We manage the multiple destination trips for you, tickets for the ferries, domestic airlines and car rentals.  Golf cart rentals and quad runners, bikes and mopeds.

Half of the fun is getting there without question, and at Turquoise Reef Group we realize that getting there seamlessly is one of the most important pieces of a relaxing trip to Paradise.

And, we’ll take good care of that for you!