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Of all of the decisions the international traveler needs to make about an upcoming journey, the accommodations choice is the most important.  A traveler can expect transportation snags, and maybe a challenge in finding the right museum or restaurant.  But the hotel room, the villa or apartment is often the essence of the trip.  Choosing the right one is where Small & Elegant Hotels International proves an invaluable travel partner.  We offer a curated collection of unique, small, luxury hotels that can make your trip special and memorable.   By choosing from the hotels, villas and apartments we represent, you can create a trip that matches your dreams in destinations such as London, Paris, Rome, Tuscany, Venice and beyond.    Whether you want to live independently in your own self-catered apartment, enjoy the view of the vineyard from your own villa, or be heartily greeted on arrival in a city boutique hotel, we have wonderful options for you.

Small & Elegant Hotels International has spent almost 20 years intensively building a brand behind a simple traveler advantage; we visit the hotels we represent continuously.  We know the rooms and the area where the hotel, villa or apartment stands.  No accommodations booking technology can match that personal advantage.  And as our clients’ travel wishes have grown and evolved over the years, Small & Elegant Hotels International has grown with them, adding properties, important one-on-one services such as Transfers and expanding our footprint to now include properties throughout Europe, the “Europe Next Door” in Canada, our neighbor to the south in Mexico, and the popular destination in the Caribbean, Central America and Africa.

Small & Elegant Hotels International will continue expansion of markets and services into the future, keeping true to the principle of “eyes on the properties” we represent, and the personal touch of one-on-one customer service. 

As any of our thousands of satisfied clients can attest, the best reason to call on Small & Elegant Hotels is the assurance of dealing with an experienced hotel accommodations company who knows how to please guests who recognize that the boutique experience is unique.  Also, it is for those who want to venture beyond the big box hotels to experience a special intimacy, warmth and elegance that only true authenticity can create, and experience the personalized service that only Small & Elegant Hotels International can provide.


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