Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my prepaid ground transfer upon arrival in Mexico?

A uniformed representative from the STP Caribe Company will be waiting outside the terminal after you clear customs and exit the airport.  Look for the person holding a sign with your name and the name/logo of the hotel. This person will be OUTSIDE the airport waiting with the other drivers.

Do I need a passport to travel to Mexico?

Yes, a passport is required for every person to travel to Mexico and enter back into the United States after visiting Mexico.

Can I reserve a specific room?

No. You can reserve a room by category but never a specific room number.  Due to myriad circumstances, a particular room may or may not be available on the day you check in, but the hotels do try their best to accommodate guest requests.

What happens if I do not like the accommodations?

Once you are in Mexico the resort is the primary party responsible for your service.  If you have any problems or reason to ask for a refund, please speak with resort management as they are the authority. Turquoise Reef is able to process your requests for changes and cancellations prior to but not on or after the day of arrival within Mexico. For any additional assistance, please contact our customer service representatives. When dialing internationally from Mexico call 01.303.674.9615. When dialing from an American cell phone dial 303-674-9615.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Turquoise Reef Vacations accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, personal checks, wire transfers and money orders. Payment options within Mexico will vary, most hotels accept visa and mastercard but please be prepared to use an alternate method of payment.

Can I drink the water at my hotel?

Do not drink the water out of the faucet.  Although most hotels are connected to municipal, purified water supplies it is still recommended to drink only bottled water. Most hotels will provide bottled water in your room.

How much should I budget for meals?

You can get an excellent authentic and filling Mexican meal for 30 pesos. That's off the main drag, of course.  As anywhere, you can spend as much as you care to depending on location, ambiance and quality.  On 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen expect to pay around 40-60 pesos for breakfast, 40-100 for an appetizer, 60-250 for a main course and 30-100 for a dessert. Beers are 15-35 pesos and a mixed drink is 35-60 pesos. A bottle of wine in a restaurant will start at 180 pesos and move upward.

What is the exchange rate of Pesos to Dollars?

Please check the exchange rate by clicking here

Are there any travel advisories for Mexico?

The U.S. State Dept. publishes advisories and travel information on this page.

What electricity is used?

It is 110V AC electricity.  No adapters are needed for North American appliances.

When is the "rainy" season?

The rainy season is typically thought of as June through November.  But, experience shows that September and October have the most average precipitation.  You can expect rain, bright sunshine or both at any time of year.

When is sea turtle nesting season?

Two species of sea turtle, Green and Loggerhead, regularly nest on Yucatan beaches. The nesting season is May through September.  Eggs incubate for approximately 60 days.  So you'll have the most activity, including nesting and hatching, in July and August.

When do Whale Sharks visit the Yucatan?

Typically June, July and August are the best times for Whale Shark viewing. Isla Holbox has the nearest facilities to where they feed.

What happens to my reservation if there is a hurricane?

Hurricanes are very possible in the Yucatan.  We highly recommend that you purchase our travel insurance through Travel Guard for insurance coverage on your vacation.  If flights are cancelled and/or the Cancun airport is closed due to a named tropical storm or hurricane, reservations will be refunded. If the airport is open and flights are arriving, normal cancellation penalties would apply.