Grand Hotel Trieste & Victoria (Padua)

Veneto - Padua, Italy

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The Grand Hotel Trieste & Victoria is celebrating its 100th anniversary in top form, as it has been completely renovated and now has a new pool – “Sissi” – where guests can take a dip in healthy spa water and enjoy a relaxing wellness experience. This historic hotel in Abano Terme is a reminder of the town’s glorious past and is particularly famous for the celebrities and personalities who have made it famous over its 100 years. Its Belle Époque façade, with the large terrace belonging to Room 110 that looks out over Abano’s pedestrian zone, gives guests a fitting welcome. Nestled between the palm and olive trees, the hotel’s interior is furnished tastefully and elegantly. The lobby features highly prestigious furnishings and curtains, with antiques all around that reveal to guests the elegance of times gone by, this being part of the history of this extraordinary luxury hotel in Abano Terme.

 It is also famous for the large park surrounding its four spa pools, where the needs of all kinds of guests are met, whether they swim for sport, simply enjoy immersing themselves in the whirlpools, or want to keep fit by doing aquagym.


The Vital Thermal Spa offers a true multisensory experience. There are various complementary treatments available that will ensure you are truly rejuvenated in terms of both body and soul, from mud therapy to the most relaxing Belle Époque treatment. The superb cuisine includes innovative dishes that the chef creates in his various weekly menus to astound you with at each meal and to transform your holiday into an unforgettable mix of aromas, flavors and colors.


A series of moments for relaxation, accompanied by the flavors of a light, tasty cuisine, closely linked to the Venetian land that provides its ingredients, full of excellent products. You will find all this and more in the restaurants of our luxury hotel in Abano Terme.
Chef Silvano Lain is particularly careful about balancing calories and combining the various dishes offered by his kitchen in daily menus prepared with fresh, seasonal produce.

The Diaz restaurant, directed by the Maître d'Hotel Buioni Manlio, hosts a weekly wine tasting in the evening, with food and wine from all regions of Italy.

At the Sissi Restaurant & Bar, you can enjoy summer dishes; typical Italian entrees served with vegetables, fresh fish and grilled meats for a relaxing lunch. The ice-cream corner in the Sissi Bar offers our delicious home-made gelato!

In the Belle Epoque wing, the Secret Bar, famous for its fruity cocktails and other specialties prepared by our extraordinary barman Lucio, also offers a choice of teas and herbal teas as well as grappa and cognac of the highest quality.

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