Repubblica Firenze Luxury Apartments UNA Esperienze

Florence, Italy

Reach out and touch the Duomo....Or you can do some stargazing, thanks to the exclusive telescope that allows you to admire the sky above Florence from the terrace of one of the four Repubblica Firenze Luxury Apartments | Una Esperienze. Four beautiful, luxurious open space penthouses to rent for one or two people: it's hard to choose which is the more exhilarating - the private terrace and its truly exclusive views, or the specially designed wellness area.

We are on the top floor of Palazzo Levi, the historic building named after the banking family that the builders Ottavio and Enrico Levi belonged to, who built it in the last decade of the 19th century, on the site of the oldest part of the former Jewish Ghetto. Palazzo Levi would soon become the city's new salon, hosting the historic literary cafés Gilli and Paszkowski, the haunt for artists and intellectuals during the Futurism movement and to this day an exclusive meeting place. The elegant façade embellished with Tuscan-order columns continues to dominate one of the four sides of geometric Piazza della Repubblica, reflecting the solemn neo-Renaissance flavour typical of the city's splendid, noble traditions.

Having breakfast on your private terrace so close to Brunelleschi's world-famous Dome, or the wonderful Torre di Arnolfo is something that will stay with you forever. Look out across Florence's rooftops and you'll be able to make out all the best-known sights. Or head down to Piazza della Repubblica and set off from there. The square has been one of the city's hubs since Roman times. In the Middle Ages it became a centre for trade, playing host to the Market, while Piazza della Signoria was the political heart of the city, and Piazza Duomo the religious heart. During the six years when Florence was the capital of Italy it was reshaped along the lines of Paris and its boulevards: elegant, watched over by the Triumphal Arch and surrounded by large palazzos (including Palazzo Levi) and upmarket shops, to this day Piazza della Repubblica is home to some of the Florence's most elegant shops and bars.

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One-Bedroom Penthouses with either City view or Duomo view

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