Palazzo Antellesi Apartments

Florence, Italy

  • Casa Toscana Living Room
  • Casa Toscana Bedroom
  • Mimi Living Room
  • View from Mimi Terrace
  • Tosca Living Room
  • Donatello Living Room
  • Miravista Living Room
  • Miravista Terrace

If you are planning a visit to Florence in grand style, the apartment rentals at  Palazzo Antellesi, a landmark Renaissance building in the historic Piazza Santa Croce, are the absolute best. Enjoy the very heart of historic Florence! You are only three minutes away by foot from Piazza Signoria and the Uffizi Gallery, and five from Brunelleschi's famous cathedral. Last but not least Michelangelo's home is around the corner. Florence's best restaurants are all in the area, and if you enjoy cooking the neighborhood teems with markets and gourmet stores. Palazzo Antellesi has over 25 years of experience in short term apartment rentals.

All apartments:

  •     are fully and elegantly furnished with the highest standards
  •     are supplied with sheets, towels, pots, pans, dinnerware, etc.
  •     are air-conditioned
  •     have elevators
  •     have telephones, modem access, TV. The Florence apartments have international channels in English (CNN, CNBC, SKYNEWS, BBC, etc.)
  •     a brand new private gym room in the Florence building is now available to guests of Palazzo Antellesi with a treadmill, two cycles, and weights.
  •     Wireless internet access
  •     Washer/Dryer with some soap
  •     Hair dryers

Conveniently located in the heart of the historical center of Florence, in Piazza Santa Croce, Palazzo Antellesi (also called Palazzo dell'Antella and Palazzo degli Sporti)   is a landmark Renaissance Palazzo, and one of the few left in the historic center of Florence with a dramatic frescoed facade.  The Palazzo offers 14 totally furnished apartment ranging in size from one to three bedrooms. The apartments appointed to the highest standards with all conveniences. All have either central air conditioning or window conditioning units, and TV with CNN and other international English language channels. These apartments have become the home of an international clientele of visitors. Only the new loft apartment does not have an elevator, but it is on the first floor of the main building with stone staircase leading to it.

The guests enjoy   the convenience of the old city center with all modern comforts, charm, and the state-of-the-art furnishings. The apartments have views of Piazza Santa Croce and of the city’s monuments, of the private renaissance rose garden, or of inner courts and the surrounding hills. Rooms are spacious and airy, furniture is a comfortable and elegant combination of modern and antique. All apartments are kept in mint condition. The furnishings include linen and crockery. The Palazzo and the Annex are serviced by elevators.

Please click the links below to view specific apartments

Apartment Mimi
Apartment Medici
Apartment Donatello
Benozzo Suite
Alcove Suite
Miravista Suite
Belvedere Suite
Giotto Suite
Tosca Suite
The Loft

MAID SERVICE must be arranged by email or upon arrival:  15 EURO per hour, includes cleaning supplies, to be paid directly to the cleaning staff.

THE ELEVATOR  at No. 22 is small,  max. 3 people;  the doors, both inside and out  must be completely closed after each use otherwise it becomes inoperable. 

DISHWASHERS , washing machines, dryers (which take much longer than in the US) and  air-conditioning have instructions in each apartment.

TELEPHONE.  Italian phone calls are hideously expensive.  Also local calls are billed, long local calls can get expensive.   If possible use a US credit card or calling card or  buy a prepaid calling card for the USA at a “T” as in Tabacchi (tobacconist).

ELECTRICITY.  Please note that electricity is extremely expensive in Italy.   Remember to turn off lights in rooms you are not using and turn off the air conditioning if you leave the apartment for any lenght of time.

WATER.  Please remember to save water.  It’s a world concern!


STANDA  Via Pietrapiana 42/44r, located in front of  the Post Office.  3 blocks away from Piazza Santa Croce.  Open Monday-Saturday 8:00am – 9:00pm, Sunday 9:00am-1:30pm and 3:30pm -7:30pm. 

Pegna in via dello Studio (close to the  Duomo), is a small, luxury supermarket, it also delivers.  055-282701

OPEN MARKET - Piazza Sant’Ambrogio, only mornings untill 1:30pm. 10 minutes walk from P.A. Sundays closed. 

PARKING -  no parking on streets near the apartment, parking is reserved for residents with special permits.  Garage Verdi is a pay garage across the square in Via da Verrazzano, Tel 055-244921

Please be very security conscious.  Don’t forget the key in the apartment door in the lock when leaving the apartment, you will not be able to enter.  It is very expensive to call the locksmith, in addition they are always busy.

Make sure you close the street door when entering and exiting.   For any loss of keys and keys not returned at departure there will be a charge.

The building is very safe.  Please do not let people into the building carelessly and do not open the street door to to people you do not know.  We will not be responsible for any theft or loss of property.   Private guards “ARGO” check the building during the night.   

WINDOWS.  Be sure to close the windows each time you leave the apartment.  Wind and storms come quickly and without notice.  If a window is left open, the glass can break easily showering the pedestrians on the piazza with the broken glass.

GARBAGE.  Garbage bins are across the square or on streets nearby.   The closest recycling bins are found in via Magliabechi, exiting to your right.

GYM  there is a small facility at No. 21, please ask for the key. 


Call or e-mail for rates and availability

1, 2, & 3 Bedroom Apartments  
Special Request Rates for less than one week stays - based upon availability

Client Comments

"Tosca apartment was beautiful and we didn't want to leave. Francesca was great to work with, very accommodating! Wonderful location, and we used the kitchen a lot to cook pasta, vegetables and a little bit of meat for dinners, then we ate out for lunch. I wish I could remodel our house with the Tosca kitchen in mind."

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