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Florence, Italy

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There is a fascinating place in the heart of Florence that is suspended in time. It is the Rivoli Hotel, originally a fourteenth-century Franciscan monastery and now an elegant 4-star hotel where the truly antique and modern come together, to offer you an unforgettable experience in the city of the Renaissance. Let yourself be embraced by the elegant warmth of their sitting rooms, relax on their sofas or sip a drink in the charming internal courtyard, a “secret garden” with a swimming pool far from the city’s noises and bustle.

All main monuments are easy to reach with a short and pleasant walk: the Cathedral, Ponte Vecchio, the Signoria's Square, the Uffizi Gallery, the Church of Santa Maria Novella, the Accademia Gallery that hosts Michelangelo's David and the Opera House of Florence. The Rivoli Boutique Hotel is just a few steps away from the most prestigious and elegant streets of Florence: the luxury Tornabuoni street, the characteristic Borgognissanti street and the noble Della Vigna Nuova street.

Ristorante Benedicta

Take a tour of the best flavors and fragrances that Italian and Tuscan cuisine can offer at the Ristorante Benedicta with its three Michelin forks. Our chefs will reawaken your senses with their contemporary interpretations of traditional Italian dishes made with top-quality ingredients. You will find a refined menu featuring seasonal flavors and an outstanding wine list for a superb gourmet dinner in the heart of Florence.

The cordial atmosphere, excellent food, impeccable service and the attentions of Maitre d’ Luciano and executive chef, Filippo will make your experience truly memorable. In Spring and Summer you can enjoy the evening in the restaurant’s beautiful garden, a quiet and discreet place that will add another wonderful memory to your vacation in Florence.

Aqua Spa & Wellness

The Rivoli Boutique Hotel adds to its relaxing atmosphere, far away from the city bustle, a wellbeing path that will help our Guest to better enjoy their stay in Florence. For almost 60 years the Rivoli Boutique Hotel has welcomed its Guests in the tradition of its lounges, in the quietness of the Franciscan patio, inviting them to experience the history of this city that has conquered the heart of the whole world.

Starting from June 2021 our Guests will be able to enjoy a unique experience immersed into the relax, in order to forget everyday stress: an area immersed in peace is added to the heated Jacuzzi pool, set in the Franciscan patio: Aqua Wellness Firenze, a complete spa for a regenerating wellness path for body and mind.

In an elegant and bright environment, the doors open to a health path with:

Thanks to the progressive heating of the stones is obtained a dry environment, softened by the possibility of pouring jets of water on the hot stones, which generates a pleasant warm and an enveloping embrace, relaxing the muscles and promoting the body purification.
With its 45-50° C and 90/100% humidity it purifies body and mind, isolating you from the bustle of the outside world. The Hammam use improves blood and lymphatic circulation, frees the respiratory tract and helps to regulate blood pressure, as well as to enhance sleep.
The emotional shower, with its colortherapy and aromatherapy, is always part of the best wellness programs, because it has the function of purifying the skin and of the thermal contrast linked to the wellness programs. An engaging multisensory experience in which water, colors and scents work in perfect synchrony to give a total well-being feeling.
To complete a moment dedicated to the person, we offer a choice of massages that are the ideal conclusion to your wellness program with benefits for mind and body.
In order to replace the fluids lost during the treatments, in our relaxing area we offer a choice of herbal teas: relaxing, draining and regenerating, choose the one you prefer


Express Wellness – single treatment | 30 minute
Back Relief: ideal for giving relief to the back of the body after a long journey. Quickly gives relief to all contracted areas of the back. Ideal for those who feel sore and tired muscles on the neck, shoulders and lower back
Leg Relief - recovering and regenerating massage for legs and feet. A perfect draining massage after a stressful day.
Intensive Face Moisturizer: to restore radiance to the face, it rehydrates and gives well-being
Total Wellness - single treatment | 50 minutes
Holistic: a relaxing massage that will ease all muscle tension and grant a deep sense of well-being to the whole body.
Swedish. Decontracting massage recommended for those who love medium or high pressure maneuvers. A total body massage to ease tired back, legs and arms and energize head and neck to get rid of stress.
Full Wellness – full treatment Spa & Massage | 100 minutes. An assisted path for a total well-being within our Spa. Our professional masseur will guide you along the path, starting with the emotional shower, that helps to eliminate toxins from your body; 10/15 minutes of Sauna followed by a light exfoliating treatment with a stop in the Turkish Bath, to completely regenerate your skin. Finally a massage: Holistic or Swedish at your choice, to give tranquility and well-being to your body and mind
Couples Massage | 60 minutes. This treatment is possible only in some Balcony Rooms and in the Suites. This service was created to make your stay romantic and unforgettable. The massage: Holistic or Swedish at your choice, will be executed simultaneously by our professionals. It can be executed directly in your room or on your balcony.

To guarantee you a unique experience, Aqua Wellness Firenze is open every day from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. Access by reservation only, exclusive use: a SPA just for you.

Call or e-mail for rates and availability

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