Praia Art Resort

Calabria, Italy

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  • Suite Terrace
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  • Patio
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  • Restaurant
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Welcome to Calabria - Villages perched on steep mountain ridges, hidden coves and marine bays, endless and pristine forests, evidence of Magna Greek and Byzantine splendor, castles and churches, museums and monuments, parks and natural oasis, millennial sanctuary that exudes a sense of timelessness, town lives and welcoming, pleasant villages and hospitable, proud and friendly people.  There is a five star resort in the middle of the spectacular Ionian coast of Calabria, an unexpected haven set like a jewel in this unique location, just 20m from the beach and a few kilometres from the mountains, on the edge of the Marine Reserve of Capo Rizzuto.

A setting of stunning natural beauty, whose spell is revealed in the spectacular views along its coastline, the open horizon of the far-reaching Ionian sea, the Mediterranean vegetation with the perfume of myrtle and mastic tree, a location waiting to be discovered with its bays, inlets, headlands, ancient towers, castles surrounded by sea, solitary columns belonging to Greek temples, the last remaining testimony to a history centuries long!  But, it is not only this that makes Praia Art Resort the ideal place for your holiday in Calabria. It is being welcomed into this luxurious setting with the simplicity of a familiar smile, waiters, chefs, housekeepers, masseuses, gardeners, maintenance workers ready to listen to you, accompany you, pamper you, always present but discreet at the same time. All at the service of your wishes and desires; these are the men and women of the Resort, the members of our house … your home!

The Rooms

 Wood, Stone, Iron: At Praia Art Resort each room has its own personality!  Warm, primordial materials, worked by the fine craftsmen of the Crotonese Marquisate, to make each room different, as if inspired by an unrepeatable dream!
Breathe in the scents of a bold and generous land, a benevolent and proud sea. Relax on your terrace or patio, enjoying the natural caressing concert notes of the waves rolling on the shore, the warm sounds of the wind and the cicadas in the pines.
Each room is an island with its own soul, its own breath, that belongs to you for as long as you want. Including Patio, Deluxe, Elite and Suite, each offering unparalleled comfort, whatever the size, whatever the view. Each offers a simple and authentic charm for you to experience and enjoy. A holiday without artifice, with the pleasure of natural luxury!

The Restaurant

At Pietramare Natural Food it is easy to fall into temptation and be guilty of gluttony! You can tell as soon as you enter, when nostrils quiver under masterfully spicy aromas coming from the kitchen.
Few tables, a refined atmosphere, well-furnished surroundings. Here, the menu offers the flavours of the season that valorize the raw ingredients, brought together with flair and imagination by a talented culinary team. The dishes satisfy the eyes and heart before delighting the palate: Parmesan stuffed anchovies, octopus ravioli in creamy potato and smoked ricotta sauce with tomato seeds, lamb cooked with liquorice, fried ice cream and carrots; to finish on the sugary notes of a mille-feuille with cream and cherries or a creamy chocolate and liquorice dessert.
It is an authentic culinary journey that we invite you to embark on, profound and intense. Guests of the Resort and those of you who are just passing though, while watching an enchanted sea that turns to gold and silver at sunset, when the first pangs of hunger begin to be felt!

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