Ochre & Brown Athens Boutique Hotel

Athens, Greece

In Athens, Small & Elegant Hotels International will set you up in the coolest boutique hotel where you can visit the Parthenon just steps away, and you can enjoy the spectacular view day and night, just outside your hotel window! Ochre & Brown Athens Boutique Hotel, is a cozy, new, top notch, 4 star hotel right in the center of all that Athens has to offer!  It is located in the heart of the historic center of Athens, Greece, in one of the most original and  signature neighborhoods of the metropolitan area. It is in one of the liveliest and chic spots being rediscovered in every cozy corner and in every heartbeat on the square. Just a short stroll down the road from the hotel, you will find yourself at the gates of the legendary Parthenon and moments away from the great parliamentary halls of the Syntagma Square, the Athens' green scape at the National Gardens, the tastes and flavors at Monastiraki Square, the mason promenade along Keramikos, the proud standing remnants of Ancient Agora and of course, the Plaka, the old city of Athens, forever clad in the Acropolis' foothill.  In the old scenic streets of Athens center, through the ruins of the Ancient Agora to the Acropolis, feeling everywhere the old ways of the city and through all the hustle and bustle, lays O&B Athens Boutique Hotel giving a new flavor and meaning to the urban lifestyle. O&B Athens Boutique Hotel provokes you to experience a new level of hospitality as one of the most central hotels of Athens. Walking through the mature streets of downtown Athens and hearing the music, laughter, art and heart of the cultural city. The mixture of stylish and suave design, the light strokes of class and elegance and the warm atmosphere of our O&B Athens hotel represent a new meaning of service, placing guests in the limelight, with the goal of top quality for all the guests’ to experience.

Catch the momentum: the hotel's location is near to all the major historical and archeological sites of Athens, on the crossroads of cultural life and modern times; O&B is the best starting point for every activity in Athens. Walk the pedestrian Apostolou Pavlou street from Thisio up to the Acropolis and the Parthenon, visit the most interesting museums of Athens at the end of an exciting days' walk such as the Acropolis Museum, the National Archeological Museum and the Museum of Cycladic Art. Wonder before the definite Marathon and Olympic check point at Kallimarmaro Panathinaikon Stadium, gaze upon the majesty of the Pillars of Zeus, make a small shopping walk at the food & beverage public market of Athinas street or immerse yourself in the rich commercial vein of Ermou street, and at the end of the day, walk through the narrow picturesque streets of Plaka and enjoy the vivid nightlife of Psiri and Gazi. It's a one of a kind experience every step of the way, with its Acropolis Suites with private terraces and view of the Parthenon, its elegant rooms and its O&B Athens All Day Bar Restaurant, O&B Athens Boutique Hotel welcomes you to Athens and invites you to experience its unique philosophy of hospitality and care.

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