Clement V

Dordogne, France

The CLEMENT V Hotel could easily be mistaken for one of those village houses which choose to protect their charms behind an unassuming front. Inside, however, you will discover 11th century vaulted cellars and exposed rafters in the attic bedrooms; you will sit by the log fire of the sitting room or have tea by the conservatory's lemon trees. With its nooks and crannies, and its twists and turns, Le CLEMENT V retains the feeling of a true family home.

The CLEMENT V was recently renovated in keeping with this atmosphere. The prestigious Suite des Consuls with its high ceiling and wide windows overlooking the surrounding countryside could have been the private realm of the head of the family; the colonial bedroom: the den of a prodigal son, always between adventures; the Boudoir : the colourful, light-hearted cocoon of a young maiden.

The village of Belvès - one of the most beautiful in France

All the rooms are very different therefore. But the laid-back atmosphere of idiosyncratic warmth and comfort which pervades the hotel is the same throughout, perhaps simply reflecting the delight of living in this area. It is after all the "most beautiful countryside in the world" according to Henry Miller.

About the Area, also know as "the Pope's Countryside"

Listed amongst the most beautiful villages of France, Belvès formerly part of the medieval fiefdom of Pope CLEMENT V is conveniently located a short drive away from the area's most famous sites.

The countryside around Belvès is one of those increasingly rare farming areas, alive the year round, which offers lively village life and endless rural beauty. We would like to share those delights, too often available to insiders only.

Numerous hiking trails cross the surrounding countryside, taking you past hamlets and farmhouses. We will provide you with our own itinerary and with a picnic hamper and send you to lunch by a little pond or in the shade of an old dovecote.

Depending on the season, you will be able to take a swim in the Dordogne river or to try your luck at picking mushrooms. And if you enjoyed the picnic, we may even tell you where to find our local suppliers. In any case, whether you roam the woods of the Bessède forest or the walnut groves you will be unable to resist the unique beauty of our landscape.

Back to Belvès, after drinks in the garden or a stroll in the old town, the evening's entertainment can start. If you wish to indulge in the pleasures of the palate, trust us, we will book you a table in the area.

If you feel like the laid-back fun and chance encounters of trestle table dinners don't miss the evening meals on the market square in summer. Remember if the evening air is a touch cool, the sitting room's fireplace awaits ...

For adventures further afield, follow one of the three big rivers less than an hour's drive away:

The Dordogne first and foremost with its medieval castles telling the story of the Hundred Year War.
The Vézère and its prehistoric wonders and a UNESCO site.  The Vézère valley contains 147 Palaeolithic sites featuring 25 cave sites, including the Lascaux Cave, which shows hunting scenes of 100 animal figures. The area is home to the famous Bergerac Vineyard, with Pécharmant, red and white Bergerac wines, Montravel, Monbazillac.

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